Low Calorie Diet

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Low calorie diet is based on limiting the consumption of calories in the diet. Generally, A diet of 800-1500 calories a day is recommended. Low calorie diet basically works by burning the excess amount of fat without any further increase in weight. This method of weight reduction is to be followed with care; it aims at reducing number of calories with balanced diet, not to be deficient of essentials, Mostly recommended for obese people under medical supervision. Children, Adolescents, and Pregnant women should not go on Low Calorie Diet.


A rapid weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds per week, for an average weight loss of 44 pounds over 12 weeks can be achieved by following low calorie diet. Medical conditions including Diabetes, High blood pressure, and High cholesterol can also be improved being on low calorie diet.


Temporary side effects such as Fatigue, Constipation, Nausea, and Diarrhea can be caused due to low calorie diet. The most common serious side effect is gallstone formation. Research indicates that rapid weight loss may increase cholesterol levels in a gall bladder and decrease it’s ability to contract and expel bile due to low calorie diet.


Low calorie diet is good method for excess weight reduction but this method shall be followed with extreme care and under medical supervision. Keep a check on your diet and make sure not to be deficient of essential nutrients.

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