Grapefruit Diet

Description / History:

The grapefruit diet is one of the most dangerous fad diets around. The grapefruit diet plan consists of having a VERY low calorie diet and an abundance of grapefruit.

You can eat until you are full at every meal, but you can only eat a certain combination of foods. You cannot eat starches and sugars, but you can eat fats, veggies and fruits along with meats. The grapefruit diet suposedly won't work if you eiminate something from the planned diet meal. This diet is based on the idea that grapefruit can burn fat and that it's the combination of foods that burns fat, but evidently, nothing has ever been proven on this matter.


There are no real benefits to this diet. If you manage to lose weight with this perticular plan, it will mostly be because of the very low calorie intake that comes with it. Very low calorie intake can be dangerous for anyone and no one show strave themselves to lose weight. It on of the worst possible ways of losing weight as you will lose muscle mass, become tired, hurt your body as well as gain the pounds back in no time!

Eating grapefruit is good for your body but in moderation. Recent studies have shown that eating grapefruit can be dangerous for people on medication. Talk to your doctor.


There are no benefit for this fad diet. It is dangerous for anyone. Starving yourself can have serious consequences. The best way to lose weight is to exercise regularly and have a balanced diet. The Grapefruit is everything except balanced, which may result in you gaining all the pounds back anyways and hurting your body a lot.

What you can eat?:

  • Fruits
  • Red Meat
  • Vegetables


This diet is absolutely not recommended.

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