Apple Cider Vinegar diet Plan

Description / History:

The apple cider vinegar diet has been both praised and criticised. Cider vinegar supposedly has fat burning powers and could stimulate the metabolism. We have not found any information to confirm or deny this.

The diet is simple: the person who follows it consumes a certain amount of liquid or cap-form cider vinegar along with a low calorie diet.


Althought not many of the health properties associated to a regular intake of apple cider vinegar have been proven, it is in itself good for our health. It seems to help control diabetes, lower blood pressure and help with heart problems, but bare in mind nothing has been proven.

The low calorie diet that comes with the apple cider vinegar intake can also be helpful for your health as long as it is balanced.


Apple cider vinegar is not tasty! For discriminating pallets, it can be hard to swallow in liquid form. The pill form is easier to intake. There have not been any studies that prove that cider vinefar is not good for your health. But as with everything in life, moderation is always better. For the low calorie part of the diet, it can have drawbacks if you do not monitor your health with a doctor. Take multivitamins and check your nutriment intake daily. Always consult your doctor before trying any diet.

In itself, this diet has not been proven to help burn fat or lose weight, but if practiced in moderation and under supervision, it won't be harmulf either.

What you can eat?:

  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Red Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Wine


Be carefull and talk to your doctor.

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